Aerospace parts and components manufacturing with Fast Radius

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Why work with us?

Producing parts for aerospace applications requires the proper materials, manufacturing expertise, and adherence to strict regulatory requirements. No matter the aircraft’s end use — commercial or defense applications — Fast Radius can make your aerospace parts possible. Here’s how:

Component design and engineering assistance

Our engineers and designers can assist with customizing and optimizing a 3D-printed or traditionally-manufactured component using an array of materials that best meets your needs.

High quality aerospace standards

Our engineers follow the universal AS9100 (BS EN 9100) quality management standard for the aerospace industry.

Advanced and traditional manufacturing of aerospace parts

Our facilities host a range of equipment to support both traditional manufacturing and additive manufacturing capabilities needed for complex assembly requirements and exacting specifications.

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Our work in action

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See how we helped Satair deliver an innovative multi-process manufacturing solution that has the potential to transform the aerospace market.

Ready to make your parts with Fast Radius?

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As automotive manufacturers seek to produce lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective OEM parts, they need a partner who can leverage today’s digital technologies and advanced manufacturing processes.

Consumer goods

Fast Radius’s on-demand manufacturing model allows us to shift with consumer demands and deliver manufactured parts and durables fast. 

Medical devices

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Robotics and automation

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