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Know your materials: MPU

By October 28, 2019

Multi-purpose Polyurethane (formerly Medical Polyurethane, known as MPU 100) is an additive material developed for Carbon’s ® digital light synthesis (DLS) process. This material’s characteristics include biocompatibility, sterilizability, and durability. Beyond medical applications, MPU 100 is also a good option for consumer products.

Mechanical Specifications

Offering a unique blend of biocompatibility, sterilizability, and durability, MPU 100 can be described as a two-component material that produces isotropic parts with fine features. Here we have broken down some of MPU 100’s key mechanical specifications:

Read the Carbon MPU datasheet for more information.


Carbon has performed biocompatibility testing, and MPU 100 met standards for USP-VI, ISO 10993-5, and ISO 10993-10. Please note: The manufacturer of the end-use part is always responsible for determining if the final part meets relevant biocompatibility requirements. For more information, read the Carbon MPU 100 biocompatibility, sterilization, and disinfectant compatibility datasheet.

Medical device made of MPU

Why MPU?

Medical devices are in high demand, and MPU 100 allows engineers and designers to create those applications with the flexibility and safety they require. This engineering-grade material has excellent abrasion resistance and is compatible with ethylene oxide, e-beam, and gamma sterilization methods. MPU 100 is also compatible with common disinfectants and maintains its biocompatibility post-sterilization. A certificate of analysis and master file with the FDA is also available for those seeking more information on MPU.

Popular Applications

Because of its unique qualities, MPU is best suited for medical products and devices, consumer health care products, and drug contact applications. Examples of end use parts being used today include single use surgical instruments, skin contact applications, drug contact devices (e.g., inhalers, auto-injectors, pill bottles, bioprocessing devices), and medical equipment system components.

MPU part

Getting started with MPU

Fast Radius is dedicated to making new things possible. Our team of highly qualified engineers can help clients adjust and modify their designs to produce high quality parts. If you’re interested in learning more about MPU 100 – including possible lead times or design considerations for your next application – contact us today.

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