Fast Radius and Carbon partner to launch SpeedCell™

Finally, a true alternative to injection molding, from 1 part to 1 million

Prototype + Produce it Right Now

Injection Molding Parts

Fast Radius’ On Demand Manufacturing Platform leverages the latest additive manufacturing technologies to help you get parts made fast. From functional prototypes to real engineered parts produced into the tens of thousands, Fast Radius guarantees quality with the fastest delivery times in the industry. CNC, Rapid Injection Molding and other services also available. Talk to a part expert today!

Make Parts Now

On-demand Products and Business Models

Fast Radius On Demand Manufacturing at scale awakens an entirely new world of product opportunities. Truly mass customized physical parts are now possible, produced distinctly for every consumer, millions of times over. Part variations can now be expanded almost limitlessly without adding incremental costs. Let Fast Radius bring the products your customers uniquely want to life.

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Welcome to the future of warehousing and manufacturing

On-demand Manufacturing and Supply Chain Solutions

Imagine a world of virtual inventory, where parts are produced only when they are needed, where they are needed, and in the exact quantities desired. This supply chain in the cloud is now possible with Fast Radius On Demand Manufacturing integrated with UPS’ global supply chain solutions. Let us share with you the possibilities.

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Additive Manufacturing

We offer high quality additive manufactured parts in both plastic and metals. Additive is ideal for rapid prototyping and creating end use parts with complex geometries. We produce 3D printed parts with unbeatable speed and quality.


CNC Machining

Perfect for making functional prototypes, low to medium volume production runs of plastic or metal parts. We have decades of CNC milling and turning experience at your service and are capable of handling 1-off prototypes, to full scale production runs.


Cast Urethane

Ideal for low to medium production runs and creating end use parts with a short timeline. We have automated much of the process which allows us to create parts repeatedly with high quality and affordable prices.


Injection Molding

Injection molding is ideal for creating parts at a high volume. Parts can be in plastic or metal. We have in-house expertise in injection molding as well as global partners you can leverage to help you get your parts made affordable and quickly.


Fast Radius is all about speed. By leveraging purpose-built additive printing technology we are able to produce industrial strength parts, fast.


Speed doesn’t count if only a few customers can benefit. Fast Radius is capable of providing prototypes and end-use parts to the masses.


The browser-independent Fast Radius App provides users with a quick and efficient tool for creating print jobs using your PC, Mac or […]

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