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We are the leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions. From application discovery and launch to production-grade manufacturing capabilities, we can help you deliver new product and supply chain innovations uniquely enabled by the latest additive technologies.

Additive manufacturing has been an important prototyping tool for decades. But recent innovations in hardware technologies have opened up an entirely new set of applications for additive. You can now engineer and manufacture production-grade end-use parts that have material properties that mimic those of traditional manufacturing techniques such as injection molding or CNC machining.

Fast Radius offers a wide range of services to help companies capture these new opportunities uniquely enabled by additive. We can help you discover new applications, quantify the technical case and business case to support these applications, and ultimately launch the program with a best-in-class additive manufacturing production system.

We also recognize that traditional manufacturing techniques will continue to play a crucial role in part production, so we also offer injection molding, CNC machining, cast urethane and other manufacturing techniques through a set of highly qualified strategic partners.

We look forward to working with you at all stages of your product development and manufacturing lifecycle. Please contact us to learn more.

Our Services

  • Fast Radius is a leading production partner for Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology. We have one of the largest fleets of machines currently deployed, including production-grade tools such as the Smart Part Washer and a bulk resin dispensing system. We have access to all the Carbon DLS materials, including developmental materials not publicly available.

    Materials include:
    • RPU 70: ABS-like material, performs well under stress, combining strength, stiffness and toughness.
    • FPU 50: Similar to polypropylene, FRU has high impact strength and cycle life. It is designed to withstand repetitive stresses, making it ideal for tough enclosures, hinging mechanisms and friction fits.
    • EPU 40: Similar to urethane rubber, EPU exhibits excellent elastic behavior under cyclic tensile and compressive loads. EPU is useful for demanding applications where high elasticity, impact and tear resistance are needed such as cushioning, gaskets and seals.
    • CE 221: Similar to a 14% glass-filled Nylon 6, CE 221 is a high-performance material with excellent strength, stiffness and thermal stability that makes it a good choice for use at elevated temperatures. It has the highest heat deflection temperature of the Carbon materials at 231º C.
    • EPX 81: Similar to glass-filled PBT, EPX 81 has a heat deflection temperature of 140°C and excellent abrasion resistance, making it useful in a variety of automotive, industrial, and consumer product settings.
    • SIL 30: Similar to TPE, SIL 30 is the first additive material to offer a unique combination of biocompatibility, low durometer and tear-resistance.
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  • As one of the first production partners of HP’s Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, we deliver quick-turn prototypes all the way up to repeatable, production-grade manufacturing for end-use parts. We are continually driving innovations in post-processing for HP MJF parts, including unique coloring options, chrome plating and premium surface finishes.

    We currently offer HP’s PA 12 material, a versatile thermoplastic for high-density parts. PA 12 has excellent chemical resistance and is ideal for complex assemblies, housings, enclosures and watertight applications.

    We have a robust roadmap of materials for the HP MJF technology. Please contact us to learn more about additional materials currently in development.

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  • Additive Manufactured Thermoplastic and Elastomeric Parts

    Finally, a true alternative to low volume injection molding in terms of quality and cost. Fast Radius leverages in-house additive manufacturing equipment and expertise to produce your parts to the same quality standards you would expect from injection molding. We are not a service bureau, we are a manufacturing company and we know what it takes to make end use parts.

    Advantages of Additive Manufacturing
    • Produces geometries that cannot be machined
    • No tooling investment
    • Injection molded quality without the cost or lead-time of tooling
    • Parts delivered in days
    • Enables rapid product iteration
    • Allows low volume niche products to become viable
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    When you have the right application for metal additive manufacturing the value is incredible. Additive manufacturing is unique in that complexity is free, unlike traditional manufacturing. For instance, you can “drill” a curved hole with additive manufacturing that is impossible to make with subtractive manufacturing.

    The downside of metal additive manufacturing is that it is costly and there is no economy of scale like in traditional manufacturing. The general rule of thumb is that is a part can be machined, it should be machined.

    Presently, the most successful applications for metal additive manufacturing are in the aerospace industry where optimizing the strength to weight ratio with high temperature materials is extremely valuable and has an immediate positive return on investment.

    Advantages of Additive Manufactured Metal Parts
    • Complexity is free
    • Allows for geometries not possible previously
    • Ability to achieve very high strength to weight ratio
    • Works with high temperature materials
    • Faster lead times than machining for complex parts
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  • Fast Radius provides rapid quotes and short lead times on CNC machined parts. We are comfortable with tight tolerances, complex geometries and exotic materials, but of course we will be happy to machine your “easy” parts as well. Our focus is low to medium volume part production for applications where the part has to be right and the promised delivery date has to be met.

    Advantages of CNC Machining
    • Lower cost than additive manufacturing
    • High dimensional accuracy
    • Wide range of materials
    • Very consistent parts
    • Parts can be produced as fast as same day
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  • Similar to injection molding, urethane casting produces hard plastic parts using a two-part mold. When the two halves of the mold are combined, a void is created that the urethane is poured into until it cures. Unlike injection molding however, urethane casting uses soft mold materials, such as silicon rubber, and is more suited to small runs or one-off parts. The mold must still be manufactured by CNC Machining, Additive Manufacturing, or another process. When the mold can be made easily or exists already and the run is small, Urethane casting is ideal.

    • Low cost for small runs
    • Consistent mechanical properties
    • Wide variety of materials
    • Short lead-times
    • Good solution for 25 parts or less
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  • Injection molding is a proven process for producing plastic parts with high accuracy and fine feature detail at medium to high volume. Injection molding requires that a mold (tool) be built specifically for the part to be produced. Molds typically have a 6 to 8 week lead-time depending on size and complextiy. The mold will require a significant capital investment, but each part coming off the mold will be relatively inexpensive. The pro of injection molding is that you can make a lot of parts fast and inexpensively. The con of injection molding is that you are locked into a design and any change to you part geometry can incur significant cost to modify of build a new mold.

    Advantages of Injection Molded Parts
    • High dimensional accuracy
    • Fine feature detail
    • Low part cost
    • Facilitates mass production
    • Wide variety of materials
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  • Fast Radius has the capability to recreate the 3D geometry and engineering specifications along with material testing and verification for your legacy parts. We can also add value to your legacy designs by collaborating with you to make improvements to reduce weight, increase strength and decrease manufacturing costs.

    • Improve legacy parts
    • Reduce manufacturing costs
    • Improve strength
    • Reduce weight
    • Avoid tooling costs
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Our Exclusive UPS Partnership

On Demand Products and Business Models

Additive Manufacturing

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Our exclusive partnership with UPS enables us to deliver global supply chain solutions leveraging the most innovative digital manufacturing technologies in combination with the world’s largest network of global distribution hubs. We have a production facility located within the world’s largest packaging facility, UPS WorldPort in Louisville, KY. This strategic “end of runway” location gives us up to 6 hours additional production time versus a “near-site” solution. This enables true just-in-time production for our clients.


Imagine a world of virtual inventory, where parts are produced only when they are needed, where they are needed and in the exact quantities desired. This supply-chain-in-the-cloud is now possible with Fast Radius On Demand Manufacturing integrated with UPS’ global supply chain solutions. Let us share with you the possibilities.

Our Leadership Team

Lou Rassey Headshot

Lou Rassey

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lou has a 20-plus-year career driving innovation in the manufacturing sector, and is a recognized leader on matters related to manufacturing, industrial innovation and competitiveness. Prior to Fast Radius, Lou was a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he co-led the firm's global research and advisory efforts on the "Future of Manufacturing." Lou has helped Fortune 100 executives, start-ups and government leaders in developing and executing strategies to compete in the digital industrial age. He also founded TRG, an industrial-tech-focused advisory and investment firm, and spent the first chapter of his career in engineering and manufacturing in the auto industry. He has a MBA and MS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT where he was a LFM Fellow, a MS from Michigan-Dearborn, and BS from Notre Dame.

Pat McCusker Headshot

Pat McCusker

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Pat leads commercial operations, ensuring we support our clients with the software tools, engineering expertise, and industrial-grade production required to drive additive applications from discovery through market launch. Prior to Fast Radius, Pat was President, North America at InnerWorkings (NASDAQ: INWK), a technology-enabled marketing services firm. Prior to InnerWorkings, Pat was an Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company where he served technology clients across a wide range of functions. Before McKinsey, Pat held cross-functional leadership roles at multiple early-stage growth companies. Pat holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA from the University of Notre Dame.

Bill King Headshot

Bill King

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

William P. King is Chief Scientist at Fast Radius. Outside of Fast Radius, Dr. King is Professor and Andersen Chair in the Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He was the founding Chief Technology Officer at the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, one of the first national manufacturing institutes in the United States. He has authored 225 journal articles and 20 patents. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Physical Society. He holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University.

John Nanry Headshot

John Nanry

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

John Nanry leads our Product and Application Engineering teams. He brings to Fast Radius deep expertise in designing, building and executing production systems leveraging the latest digital technologies. Prior to Fast Radius, John led the Digital Manufacturing Practice for McKinsey & Company, where he helped clients navigate their digital transformations. John holds his BSE and MSE from the University of Michigan, and his MBA from Northwestern.

Brian Simms Headshot

Brian Simms

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Brian leads all Fast Radius sales, marketing and communications for its on-demand manufacturing platform. Prior to Fast Radius, Brian was Chief Sales Officer of Rubicon Global where he led sales and marketing through the companies biggest growth period to date. During this time the company doubled its valuation from $500m to $1B. As Vice President of Regional Sales at Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), Simms built and ran a sales team of 400+ sales representatives. This played a critical role in helping Groupon become the fastest company to $1B in annual sales revenue. Prior to Groupon, Simms was Director of SMB Enterprise Sales at Echo Global Logistics (NASDAQ:ECHO) where he helped position the company as a technology-enabled transportation broker. Before Echo, Simms held multiple roles at early and mid-stage technology growth companies.

John Flynn Headshot

John Flynn

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

John Flynn leads our Enterprise Solutions team. In this role, John is responsible for the creation of partnerships with our clients, developing and delivering solutions that drive successful outcomes across their organizations. Prior to joining Fast Radius, John spent the better part of a decade at The General Electric Company (NYSE: GE), rising through a series of leadership training programs focused on finance, operations, the customer experience, and commercial strategy. Most recently, he was a commercial sales and operations leader at GE Additive, a leading provider of metal additive machines and services. John holds a BA from Fordham University, in New York City, NY.

Rick Smith Headshot

Rick Smith

Co-Founder and Senior Advisor

Rick Smith is Co-Founder and Senior Advisor to Fast Radius. He is also the founder of World 50, the world's premier global senior executive networking organization, G100 NGL, the top leadership development company for Fortune 1000 CEOS, and innovation consulting firm Bionic. He is a national bestselling author of three books, including The Great Disruption: Competing and Surviving in the Second Wave of the Industrial Revolution. He has spoken at TED and given over 100 other keynotes.

Our Investors

We are backed by UPS and some of the leading institutional investors in the United States. These investors share a common belief that as additive technologies continue to evolve, companies looking to produce end-use parts will require an entirely new type of supplier. Fast Radius is building this next-generation supplier with the support of loyal clients and this group of world-class investors.

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