Surgical Plans Improved with Axial3D Models, Powered by Fast Radius’ Cloud Manufacturing Platform

By November 15, 2021

Physicians report changing their surgical plans 53% of the time with the guidance of Axial3D models.

CHICAGO—November 15, 2021Fast Radius, Inc. (“Fast Radius”), a digital manufacturing and supply chain company, is working with Axial3D, an automated software company helping physicians visualize patient anatomy, to produce intricate surgical models. Leveraging Fast Radius’ Cloud Manufacturing Platform™, Axial3D is creating customized 3D-printed models to improve surgical planning and patient outcomes.

Axial3D’s AI-enabled software allows physicians to transform two-dimensional medical images of a patient’s anatomy into 3D-printed models. Fifty-three percent of physicians change their surgical plans when using one of Axial3D’s personalized models, resulting in surgery times that are an average of 62 minutes shorter. Patients also report a 16 percent reduced recovery time when a 3D anatomical model is used in treatment.

As Axial3D’s cloud manufacturing and production partner, Fast Radius makes the certified, custom surgical models and delivers them to physicians across North America in less than three days. Fast Radius’ technology-agnostic manufacturing approach and network of microfactories allow Axial3D to print each of their surgical models on the ideal technology for its design.

“Every surgical model has different requirements, and it’s critical to be able to dial in the right technologies to give physicians the clearest visibility into their patients’ needs,” said Roger Johnston, Chief Executive Officer at Axial3D. “Partnering with Fast Radius and being able to rely on their Cloud Manufacturing Platform to produce the right model in every situation allows us to deliver exactly what surgeons need to better develop and execute their plans for patient care.“

Specifically, Axial3D leverages Fast Radius’ HP Multi Jet Fusion and Formlabs Stereolithography technologies for the expedited production of their surgical models. Fast Radius is also included within Axial3D’s ISO 13485 medical device certification, which speaks to the precision and quality of Fast Radius’ printing capabilities.

Over the course of a multi-year partnership, Fast Radius and Axial3D have built a seamless North American supply chain for physicians to procure customized anatomical models. With centrally located microfactories in Chicago, IL, and at the UPS Worldport facility in Louisville, KY, Fast Radius is able to rapidly produce and ship Axial3D’s bespoke models quickly and efficiently.

“Our partnership with Axial3D to change medical care for patients around the world embodies Fast Radius’ mission to make new things possible. Together, we’re merging cutting-edge AI software, advanced manufacturing, and a new type of supply chain to revolutionize how physicians and surgeons do their jobs” said Lou Rassey, Co-Founder and CEO of Fast Radius. “Axial3D’s integration with our Cloud Manufacturing Platform is just the starting point—as we look to next year, Axial3D has plans to build applications on top of our Platform. Over time, countless companies will also be able to build their own apps and services on top of the Fast Radius Cloud Manufacturing Platform infrastructure.”

About Fast Radius

Fast Radius, Inc. is a leading cloud manufacturing and digital supply chain company. The Cloud Manufacturing Platform™ from Fast Radius is a first-of-its-kind solution that integrates design, production, and fulfillment operations through a common digital infrastructure to make manufacturing easier, more accessible, and more sustainable. Founded in 2017, Fast Radius, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago with offices in Atlanta, Louisville, and Singapore and microfactories in Chicago and at the UPS Worldport facility in Louisville, KY. To learn more about Fast Radius and how its digital manufacturing capabilities are helping manufacturers, please visit Fast Radius or connect with us on LinkedIn or Twitter @fastradius.

About Axial3D

Axial3D is a multi-award winning medical imaging technology company based in the UK, with a mission to transform the accuracy and speed of pre-operative planning, diagnosis and treatment for all patients around the world. Axial3D has developed artificial intelligence-based software solutions that automatically turn hard-to-understand 2D medical scans of patient anatomy into incredibly precise and data-rich 3D visualisations and models. This technology enhances pre-operative planning by personalizing healthcare. Patient-specific 3D printed models are relied upon by prominent surgeons globally. For more information visit


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