Our factories

On-demand speed. Production quality.

We built our infrastructure to help you make better parts faster. With US production centers, microfactories, and manufacturing partners across the globe, you always have the capacity, technology, and expertise you need to get your job done right.

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Our infrastructure

Exceptional quality, whether we make your parts in our hometown or across the globe.

US production

Our global headquarters in Chicago was named one of the most advanced factories by the World Economic Forum. And it’s at your fingertips.

Carbon printers

Our on-site production centers at our Chicago Headquarters and within the UPS Worldport facility in Louisville house the latest digital manufacturing technology including:

Offshore pricing, local expertise

Our networked, global infrastructure removes all the risk typically associated with outsourcing manufacturing projects internationally

High quality production partners

Our global and domestic production partners go through an extensive qualification process so we can guarantee your parts will be made to your specifications.

Expert project management

Our Manufacturing Services Team handles every detail of offshore production from delivering design files to customs paperwork. We have team members located in Asia to support operations and project managers who work within our entire network to implement quality programs and ensure you get perfect parts.

A partner that scales with you

Flexible production capacity and full-service support

Our expansive global network means you always have the production capacity you need. We can make your production-grade prototypes into thousands of end-use parts in a matter of weeks.

On-demand manufacturing

Upload a part, get design feedback, and order your parts in minutes with on-demand manufacturing services.


Store parts digitally in our Virtual Warehouse and have them made whenever and wherever they are needed.

Manufacturing Services Team

Let your personal problem-solving squad manage every aspect of the production process so you don’t have to.

When you partner with us, our technology, production network, and people are yours. Ready to see what’s possible?

World Economic Forum

We were named one of the world’s most innovative factories by the World Economic Forum

As a manufacturing “lighthouse,” we’re at the forefront of today’s production technologies and processes.


Flexible production capacity and full-service support

Microfactories are at the foundation of our Cloud Manufacturing Platform™. We’ve developed standardized processes that control for hundreds of variables, so every factory produces parts to the exact same specifications.

Benefits of microfactories


Use our network to scale production up or down to meet demand.

More sustainable operations

Produce parts closer to the point of consumption to reduce carbon footprint.

Supply chain stability

Avoid supply chain disruptions with the ability to shift production anywhere in the world.

Our growing microfactory footprint will make the world’s most advanced factories accessible to all.