Creating a more
sustainable future

Sustainability is one of the most important issues manufacturers face today. With our Cloud Manufacturing Platform™, customers can make more sustainable choices and see their environmental impact.

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Sustainability across the product lifecycle

Person brushing a cast

Materials and design

Make well-informed choices about design and materials that lead to more sustainable parts.

Manufacturing machines in a warehouse

Factory operations

Build your parts in a Fast Radius microfactory where our systems are constantly learning to optimize operations.

Windmills in green fields

Supply chain

Shorten your supply chains to reduce carbon emissions, the need for physical warehousing, and the potential for obsolete parts.

On-demand manufacturing

Cloud manufacturing can enable an 83% reduction in transportation emissions* by shifting production from a single location to microfactories distributed around the world.

*Independent study conducted by ERM

Map of centralized and distributed manufacturing for Fast Radius

We’re just getting started

Fast Radius is expanding our Cloud Manufacturing Platform with sustainability infused into everything we build. Join us in our mission to reduce the environmental impact of the way we design, make, and move goods around the world.