Make new things possible with additive manufacturing and Fast Radius

Industrial grade additive technology has the power to transform your business - provided you have the right partner. You need an end-to-end expert that can leverage Industry 4.0 technology and make the shift to additive not just possible, but practical. That’s Fast Radius.

Nothing but the facts: additive is production-ready.

Our webinar “Is additive really production ready?” is an excellent data-driven primer, illustrating how additive is taking production to the next level.
See how we helped Steelcase make a production-ready part by producing 12 unique designs in just six weeks.

Factory of the future. Partner for the here and now.


As the leading provider of additive manufacturing solutions, our expertise runs deep across a variety of technologies. No matter what the challenge, we can meet your needs. Just one of the many reasons Fast Radius was recently named “Factory of the Future” by the World Economic Forum.

Our processes include:

Carbon® DLS: Carbon DLS offers a wide-range of production-grade materials and is an ideal substitute for elastomeric and plastic parts. You’ll also have access to the largest Carbon factory in the Western Hemisphere.

HP Multi Jet Fusion: As one of the first production partners of HP’s MJF technology, we deliver quick-turn prototypes all the way up to repeatable, production-grade manufacturing for end-use parts.

Stratasys FDM: With a variety of material choices and finishing options, as well as typically short lead times, Fused Deposition Modeling can be used for both quick prototypes and cost-effective final parts.

We partner with you at every step or just at the points you need to up your manufacturing game.

COLLABORATE with our engineers to identify new parts, products and business models.

LEVERAGE additive technology to rapidly print, test, adapt and cut development time by up to 90%.

INTEGRATE into your existing supply chain.

EXCEED quality and reliability at production volumes.

UPLOAD product designs digitally and produce on demand with our Virtual Warehouse.

FULFILL across the globe with our exclusive UPS alliance.