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VeroWhitePlus is a strong and rigid material with a pure white color and an exceptional layer resolution. Strength is similar to SLA materials, but it also possesses good elongation at failure. Highly accurate models, small parts with complex features, and medical devices, as well as any industry that requires layers measured in tens of microns will benefit from this material.


VeroBlue is a strong and rigid material, identical to VeroWhite except in its color. VeroBlue is a pale blue in color.


VeroGray is a strong and rigid material, identical to VeroWhite except in its color. VeroGray is a light gray in color.


VeroClear is a strong and rigid material, identical to VeroWhite except in its lack of color. VeroClear is a transparent material suitable for clear covers and components that allow visibility in addition to the other uses of the Vero line.

Digital ABS RGD5160-DM

Digital ABS, also known as GreenFire, is a strong and tough material. Compared to the Vero line, it sacrifices a small amount of strength for an exceptional elongation to break and an impact resistance three times that of other PolyJet materials. It’s suitable for models that possess both accuracy and durability. It can be used in applications that ABS is suited for and is opaque green in color.

FullCure RGD720

Also known as Amber Clear, this is a high resolution prototyping plastic suitable for models that require fluid visualization, form and fit testing of clear parts, sunglasses, art projects, and other applications that require transparency or easy color dying.


RGD450, also known as Rigur, is a simulated Polypropylene photopolymer with strength comparable to other PolyJet materials but a low elastic modulus. It also possesses exceptional fatigue resistance. It is ideal for living hinges, flexible closures, reusable containers, household appliances, and automotive parts.

PolyJet Flex & Over-Mold

Not one material, but rather a range of Shore A elastomers which can be added to VeroWhitePlus to modify its physical properties. Depending on the selection, it can be used to make materials similar to anything from human skin to skateboard wheels; the resulting products will be black in color.

PolyJet TangoPlus

A Shore A elastomer with a translucent, amber-like color and a range of hardness options. Good for simulated gaskets and O-rings, as well as over-molded handles, key pads, and button covers.