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Nylon 12 PA

Nylon 12 PA is a strong and versatile material with good chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and high durability, suitable for producing low volumes of complex functional parts. It possesses a high strain to failure and relatively low elastic modulus, but produces a surface finish with a feature size under 10 microns, making it suitable for strong, tough parts that require the ability to withstand large deflections. It is a pure white material suitable for enclosures, snap-fit designs, complex ductwork, and other applications requiring high toughness, good surface finish, and complex shapes.

Nylon 12 GF

Nylon 12 GF is a glass-filled nylon material with a higher modulus than either Nylon 12 PA or AF. It possesses a light grey color and a density lower than Nylon 12 AF but higher than Nylon 12 PA. The surface finish exceeds both Nylon 12 AF and Nylon 12 PA with a feature size of only six micrometers. This material is suitable for applications that require high stiffness and strength, such as sporting goods.