Robotics parts and components manufacturing with fast radius

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Why work with us?

Robotics parts feature complex designs and multiple materials. Fast Radius provides on-demand manufacturing across a variety of processes, meeting the specific needs of the robotics industry, whether for entire robotic assemblies or specific components, like body or arm parts. Here’s how we manufacture your robotics designs into reality:

Robotics design and engineering assistance

Our designers and engineers can assist with design tweaks and improvements to take advantage of the various technologies and materials we provide.​

Manufacturing process for robotic components

We have the traditional and additive (industrial 3D printing) capabilities to meet the needs of robotics applications, which often require multiple materials and complex assemblies.​

Rapid prototyping and quick-run manufacturing

The robotics industry moves at an incredibly fast pace, and our flexible logistics model allows us to meet rigorous timelines for fulfilment.

Common robotics applications

Today, the use of robotics in industrial manufacturing verticals is prominent. In the future, it will continue to grow at a rapid pace. With the help of advanced manufacturing processes, like industrial 3D printing, here’s some examples of what Fast Radius can make with you:



Arm components

Arm components

Housings and fixtures

Housings and fixtures

Networking technology

Networking technology

Bastian Case Study

Our work in action

See how we helped Bastian Solutions save $100,000 in production costs by delivering a customizable, next-generation materials handling robot made with additive manufacturing. 

Trusted by engineers across the globe

The ability to single-source parts through Fast Radius has allowed us to turn up the knob on production because we can always count on getting high-quality parts. Having a partner that we can fully rely on has helped us grow our business without worrying about supply chain disruptions or delays.

Robert Burke Manager, Production and Supply Chain, Advanced Construction Robotics

We envisioned that additively manufacturing specific parts would make the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System the most efficient and agile robotic picker available on the market. The additive manufacturing process will enable us to customize each robot picker to fit a customer’s particular warehouse environment.

Ron Daggett Vice President of Technology and R&D, Bastian Solutions

Ready to make your robotics parts with Fast Radius?

Check out the other industries we support


As automotive manufacturers seek to produce lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective OEM parts, they need a partner who can leverage today’s digital technologies and advanced manufacturing processes.

Aerospace and defense

Producing parts for aerospace applications requires the proper materials, manufacturing expertise, and adherence to strict regulatory requirements. 

Consumer goods

Today’s manufacturers expect agility. Fast Radius’s on-demand manufacturing model allows us to shift with consumer demands and deliver manufactured parts and durables fast. 

Medical devices

Today’s medical devices are more personalized and patient-centric than ever before. With our on-demand manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise, we can make your applications possible.