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June 2015

CloudDDM Announces Same Day Shipping

LOUISVILLE, KY – JUNE 30, 2015 – PRWeb — CloudDDM, LLC, a company focused on delivering direct digital manufacturing, DDM, services, announced today their new same-day shipping service for 3D printed parts out of their 3D printing factory operating at UPS Worldport®, the world’s largest packaging handling facility.

“For product designers and manufacturers, the success or failure of a project can come down to how quickly they can get their prototypes and end-use parts produced, and delivered,” states CloudDDM Cofounder and CEO, Mitch Free. “CloudDDM has started offering same-day shipping in an effort to provide customers with the responsiveness they need to stay competitive, meet critical deadlines, and get products to market faster.”

CloudDDM is convinced their approach will allow customers to break the speed barrier typically associated with outsourcing 3D printed parts.

“Every aspect of our digital factory was designed for speed,” Free adds. “First, from the moment a user submits a print job to our automated production system the priority (or desired lead-time) is checked against our production queue. Orders specified as one business day are automatically routed to the front of the queue and begin printing immediately. Once printed, our automated system routes the part(s) throughout the rest of the process from finishing to packaging and shipment. For shipping, our factory is plugged directly into the logistics system at UPS Worldport, which not only allows us to quickly move from printer to plane, it also gives us an extra six hours of production time per day. As a result, most small part orders and low volume production runs can be shipped same-day.”

The impact same-day shipping can have on manufacturing is powerful. As more and more companies move to rapid design iteration, virtual inventory, and fast-turn spare parts replacement, additive manufacturing is playing a more important role in reducing valuable production time lost through traditional manufacturing methods. Because 3D printing does not require tooling or multiple machines for production, overall production time can be decreased significantly.

In addition to locating its operations on the UPS Supply Chain Solutions Campus, UPS has taken a minority stake in CloudDDM through the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund. The UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund is a corporate venture capital fund that focuses on developing critical partnerships and acquiring knowledge that returns from its investments in information technology companies and emerging market-spaces.

“Our strategic relationship with UPS is really beginning to expand our value to industry. With same-day shipping, CloudDDM is demonstrating the unique benefits of industrial scale additive manufacturing and helping customers not only transform the ‘how’ of bringing products to market, but the ‘how-fast’.”

About CloudDDM CloudDDM is a provider of direct digital manufacturing (additive manufacturing) services to the consumer products, packaging, aerospace, automotive, transportation, and medical industries. Headquartered in Atlanta, CloudDDM currently serves designers, engineers, and manufacturers throughout the United States. The company can be found online at