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Making the future: Our purpose

By May 5, 2022
Engineer holding a part

At Fast Radius, our team strives every day to fulfill our purpose to make new things possible. Hear from Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lou Rassey, about why this purpose is important and what motivates us to continue innovating on behalf of our customers.


Our purpose is to make new things possible to improve the state of the world.

We believe in the importance of manufacturing as an industry. Not just for the things that it makes — cars, cell phones, and satellites — but the things that it makes it possible. Manufacturing can make the world more connected, more healthy, more sustainable. As manufacturers, we feed and we power the world with the things that we make.

This is important work. Manufacturing powers progress for humanity. We have seen step changes before in prior industrial revolutions: the advent of steam power, the assembly line, the electronics age. These were massive forces that helped to improve the state of the world in so many ways.

Now, in this century and in this digital age, we can take a giant step forward again. We can and we are building a new infrastructure to drive innovation in the physical world. We can create a more innovative, more sustainable, and more accessible industry. And in doing so, make new things possible to improve the state of the world.

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