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Making the future: Supply chains

By March 31, 2022
Sustainability Hero

Over the past few years, Americans have gained a deeper understanding of the inefficient, outdated supply chains that fuel our nation. At Fast Radius, we’re building a new supply chain paradigm, one that can adapt quickly to changing conditions and meet the challenges of today. Hear from Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Lou Rassey about what we’re creating.


Today’s supply chain and manufacturing infrastructure is broken. It’s rigid, it’s wasteful, it’s outdated, not meeting the needs of our time. We feel the pain of broken supply chains every day.

There is a better way. We have built a new infrastructure. It is a first-of-its-kind Cloud Manufacturing Platform™. Think of it as a new infrastructure to design, make, and move physical things in the digital age. It is a combination of software and a digital-driven network of factories to help our customers design, make, and move physical products.

It’s analogous to cloud computing but for the physical world. Instead of data centers, we have state-of-the-art factories, and we have software to orchestrate the work being done in those factories and in our supply chains, and then applications and services from software that sit on top.

We believe the impact of cloud manufacturing will be as profound in the physical world as cloud computing has been in the digital world. We’re a software-driven manufacturing and supply chain company.

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