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Go beyond prototyping with additive manufacturing

By December 11, 2019
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Additive manufacturing can handle much more than just prototyping. This 60-second video explains why you should think about using additive for production parts.


Today’s additive manufacturing can do so much more than prototyping.

Here’s why it’s time to think about using additive for end-use parts.

First, additive tech is truly production-grade. Processes like Digital Light Synthesis and Multi Jet Fusion can make repeatable, reliable parts.

Materials are production-grade, too. And suitable for all kinds of applications. Some even meet strict industry regulations—like for aerospace or medical device use.

And the economics of additive keep getting better. Rapid innovation from equipment manufacturers is driving prices down. Plus, the cost of materials is dropping as demand grows.

But most importantly, making end-use parts with additive is not an exercise in prototyping. It’s an industrial-grade workflow, managed by experts in design, engineering, and quality control. Parts are repeatable, reliable, and ready for end-use.

Don’t get me wrong—additive is still a great tool for prototyping. But it’s ready for production. Contact us to get started.

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