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Video: Part consolidation with additive manufacturing

By November 6, 2019
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Part consolidation with additive manufacturing is a great way to reduce cost and improve performance. This 60-second video explains how additive can help you save time, money, and effort by combining multiple parts into one.


Consolidating parts with additive manufacturing is a great way to reduce cost and improve product performance. Let’s walk through it.

Take this housing. To make this part traditionally, you need to manufacture each component, buy a hinge, design for assembly, and set-up an assembly cell. With additive, you can make this all as one piece, eliminating the cost of assembly and increasing yield.

Part consolidation can also improve performance. Like with this impeller. Welded impellers have gaps that can cause cavitation and weld spots that can lead to corrosion and rust. This additive impeller was made all as one piece, which improves efficiency and reduces the chance of failure.

There are even more benefits to part consolidation—like reducing material, cutting lead times, and minimizing supply chain risk—just to name a few. Imagine only needing half the number of part drawings and part SKUs as you do today.

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