3D Printing

Where to start with additive applications

By November 19, 2019
small parts

Additive manufacturing can be a great option for making a variety of parts in your bill of materials, but it’s hard to know where to start. This 60-second video shows you three common applications that make great candidates for additive.


Every day I help engineers identify use cases for additive manufacturing. I usually recommend starting with applications that have a proven track record. Like these.

First, electrical or fluidic connectors. Off the shelf connectors are one size fits all— so you have to design around them. But additively manufactured connectors—like this one— are totally custom. So you can make the perfect connector for your part—even with a small volume run.

Second, grommets. With something this small, your cost per part can be really low with additive. Plus, you can change up the size and shape of your grommet without having to create a new mold.

Finally, custom fixtures. Additive can deliver your part fast when you need to get an assembly up and running or re-tool quickly. That can save valuable time on your lines and cut machining costs.

Want to try making one of these applications with additive? Get in touch with us to talk production options.