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Carbon DLS

Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology is a process that uses digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics and tunable liquid resins to produce parts with excellent mechanical properties, resolution and surface finish. A photochemical process carefully balances light and oxygen to shape and produce parts with isotropic material properties. It works by projecting light through an oxygen-permeable window into a reservoir of UV-curable resin. As a sequence of UV images are projected, the part solidifies and the build platform rises. Once a part is printed, it is baked in a forced-convection oven. Heat sets off a secondary chemical reaction that gives parts their ultimate mechanical properties.

  • Wide range of production-grade materials
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Nearly isotropic parts
  • May require design optimization to account for supports
  • Ideal for parts that fit in the palm of your hand; larger parts can be challenging
Tolerance (Elastomers)
  • (X, Y): +/- 0.300 mm (+/- 0.012″)
  • (Z): +/- 0.400 mm (+/- 0.015″)  or  +/-  0.16% (whichever greater)
Tolerance (Rigid)
  • (X, Y): +/- 0.300 mm (+/- 0.012″)
  • (Z):  +/- 0.300 mm (+/- 0.012″)  or  +/- 0.16% (whichever greater)

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